I liked the food, and I LOVED the counselors and the games, and I liked it all!

Kayla E.

Contact Us

Phone: 989-426-7604

Email: office@thespringscamp.com
Good News Camp Address: 3613 N. M-30,
Gladwin, MI 48624

The Springs Ministries Address: 1950 N. M-30,
Gladwin, MI 48624

Our Mission

Mission Statement: The Springs Ministries (The Springs Camp, Good News Camp, Robinson Retreat Center) impacts lives by creating experiences that develop and deepen personal relationships with Jesus Christ

Vision:  Partnering with local churches: We dream of reaching the world by equipping committed followers of Jesus Christ with a lasting enthusiasm for christian living through designed experiences with God in youth groups, retreats, outdoor experiences, and innovative ministries.


Spiritual Vitality: We recognize our ministry is an overflow of our daily and dynamic relationship with Christ.

Ministry Competence: We utilize high standards in the selection and development of individuals with skills, knowledge, and aptitude for their ministry role.

Resource Stewardship: We realize that God has blessed us with remarkable resources and that we are accountable to manage them with honesty, integrity, and wisdom.

Camper Centered: We provide a safe, clean, and a fun camping experience in a beautiful, peaceful environment.

Church Partnership: We endeavor to aid churches in the work of the kingdom through building trust, developing cooperation, and effective communication.

God Honoring: We focus on teaching biblical truth in a gracious atmosphere.