The environment was perfect and our kids were blown away by our trip to GNC.

Jason Sewell, Faith Church, Rochester Hills

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Phone: 989-426-7604

Email: office@thespringscamp.com
Good News Camp Address: 3613 N. M-30,
Gladwin, MI 48624

The Springs Ministries Address: 1950 N. M-30,
Gladwin, MI 48624

Responsible to: Executive Director

General Qualifications:

  1. Has a sincere love for the Lord and a desire to see campers come to know Christ as their Savior and to see them grow in their relationship with Him.
  2. Agrees with the Good News Camp philosophy and policies
  3. Shows an eagerness to learn and shows a consistent walk with Christ.
  4. Shows a willingness to forego personal rights for the common good of the campers and Good News Camp.
  5. Shows a willingness to be flexible and is able to work with campers and other staff.
  6. Must be at least 18 years of age, graduated from high school.

General Responsibilities:

During Staff Training:

  1. Get to know the staff and the operation of Good News Camp.
  2. Learn how your position blends with and compliments the other staff.
  3. Become prepared for campers to arrive spiritually and mentally.

During Regular Camp Sessions:

  1. Spend time alone with the Lord every day.
  2. Be sensitive of the physical and spiritual needs of the campers.
  3. Be available to all the campers.
  4. Talk individually with each one of the campers in your cabin giving each one an opportunity to make a spiritual decision.
  5. Take advantage of counseling situations, such as homesickness, and make them teachable moments.
  6. Be a part of your cabin group without being one of them.  Campers look to their counselor for friendship but need leadership and authority as well.
  7. Put the well being of your campers ahead of your own personal desires.
  8. Assist in program instruction whenever or where ever needed.
  9. Abide by and cooperate with camp policies to set the tone of the camp and help your campers do the same.
  10. Be responsible for the conduct of your campers.

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. On Registration Day:

    1. Greet each one of the campers as well as their parents, if they are there, and help them get settled into their cabin.  Invite parents to see where their child is staying and answer any questions they may have.
    2. Inform your camper of camp guidelines.
    3. Explain the daily schedule to your team. Inform them about special events to get them excited
    4. Take your cabin on a hike around camp. Let them know about the different electives they can get involved in.
  2. Your primary responsibility is the physical and spiritual welfare of your campers and yourself.
  3. Teach the dining hall procedure to your campers.  Counselors must sit with your campers at meals.
  4. Make sure that your campers are appropriately dress for weather, modesty, and theme nights.
  5. Encourage personal cleanliness by word and deed in your cabin.
  6. Teach respect at flag raising.
  7. Check the bulletin board and take special note of any special announcements every morning.
  8. Make sure that each camper follows the rest time guidelines.
  9. Encourage campers to be on time to scheduled events as well as bed time and lights out.
  10. Report any health problems or concerns to the health officer immediately.
  11. Plan activities for your cabin for rainy days unless activities have already been planned.
  12. Help your campers develop a daily personal quiet time for prayer and devotions.
  13. Encourage each camper to memorize scripture.
  14. Fill out camper evaluation forms at the end of the week.
  15. Attend all scheduled counselor/staff meetings.
  16. Go to the Program Director or the Executive Director if you are unsure of something or there is a problem.  Be sure you share your
    struggles and your victories.
  17. Evaluate objectively the camp program and give your suggestions.