The environment was perfect and our kids were blown away by our trip to GNC.

Jason Sewell, Faith Church, Rochester Hills

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Phone: 989-426-7604

Email: office@thespringscamp.com
Good News Camp Address: 3613 N. M-30,
Gladwin, MI 48624

The Springs Ministries Address: 1950 N. M-30,
Gladwin, MI 48624

Responsible to: Executive Director

General Responsibilities:

  1. Develop and execute all policies which will protect the health and safety of individuals and to promote healthy camp living.
  2. Supply individuals with prompt and adequate medical and nursing care as needed.
  3. Maintain camp health supplies and equipment.

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Keep medical logs listing the date, name of camper/staff, ailment, and medical treatment provided.
  2. Remain on grounds at all times (during the camp week) except when a quailed and certified health officer is present and okayed by the Executive Director.
  3. Make sure the Health Station is adequately supplied with any needed equipment or supplies.
  4. Make sure the Health Station is clean at all times.
  5. Instruct campers and staff on health and safety matters
    1. At orientation
    2. During the week
  6. Keeping alert to mental and physical health of the campers.
  7. Teach first aid classes when asked requested by Executive Director.
  8. Inspect and maintain first aid supplies and equipment for program activities.
  9. Screen all campers within 24 hours of their arrival at camp, including the following:
    1. Check in all camper and staff medications at registration
    2. Review all health history statements
    3. Discuss with campers any current health needs
  10. Observe and screen campers paying attention to potential contagious diseases and possible abuse.
  11. Dispensing all medications at the prescribed time.
  12. Inform counselors, program staff, cook or waterfront director about any medical conditions that a camper has if it affects their area and record and keep record of having done so.
  13. Make sure that daily rest time schedule is adhered to.
  14. Inform Executive Director when a camper is admitted to health station or requires additional treatment.
  15. Make sure that Executive Director calls for additional doctor visit, emergency care.
  16. Make sure that a emergency vehicle and a responsible adult are always available.
  17. Accompany the patient to emergency care if directed by the Executive Director and only if there is a qualified health officer to fill in while you are gone.
  18. Arrange for any meals and serve anyone who is staying in health station (let cook know ahead of time).
  19. Inspect all camper and support staff residence quarters daily.
  20. Keep ice packs available at all times.
  21. Make recommendations for improvements in health care, sanitation, and safety whenever advisable.
  22. Take all precautions to protect the camp and yourself from lawsuits.
  23. Help out where needed in support staff, program activities, and counseling positions.