The environment was perfect and our kids were blown away by our trip to GNC.

Jason Sewell, Faith Church, Rochester Hills

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Phone: 989-426-7604

Email: office@thespringscamp.com
Good News Camp Address: 3613 N. M-30,
Gladwin, MI 48624

The Springs Ministries Address: 1950 N. M-30,
Gladwin, MI 48624



  1. Perform duties in such a way that the camp will operate smoothly and effectively with Christ receiving the glory.
  2. Encourage and lead by Christian example.
  3. Display a Christ-like willingness to serve campers and staff.
  4. Attend the devotions and prayer time for the Maintenance Staff daily.
  5. Attend the Staff Bible study on the scheduled evenings.


  1. Responsible to see that the grounds, buildings, and equipment re maintained in a safe and presentable manner.
  2. Responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the grounds and buildings as directed by the Executive Director.
  3. Responsible for some on-site supervision of work crews that are working on camp grounds and facilities.
  4. Responsible to work out with the Executive Director a schedule of priorities for needed maintenance.
  5. Responsible to work out with the Executive Director a list of recommendations for improvements and projects on the grounds and buildings.
  6. Responsible to meet with the Maintenance Staff after breakfast each day unless a change is agreed upon between you and the Executive Director.
  7. Responsible to work a minimum of 8 hours per day.
  8. Responsible to do other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.
  9. These are not the only duties of the Maintenance Director as duties may need to assigned or reassigned as becomes necessary.


  1. Notify the Executive Director before signing-out and leaving the grounds.
  2. Dress and appearance is to be a credit to Christ, the camp, and to be appropriate for the task at hand.